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Milestones of Balmer Lawrie

Since the beginning, we have been motivated by a common goal that is sustained by dedication and enthusiasm. Every action we've done and every obstacle we've surmounted has brought us to this point. We are proud to stand here today as a monument to both our unwavering resolve and our stakeholders' unfailing support.

Corporate Journey
Early Years

1867 - 1894

Corporate Journey
Maturing Years

1908 - 1936

Corporate Journey
Growth Years

1937 - 1969

Corporate Journey
Uncertain Years


Corporate Journey
Public Sector Era

1987 - 2022

History of Balmer Lawrie

Driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, two enterprising Scotsmen Stephen George Balmer and Alexander Lawrie sowed the seeds of this company at Kolkata on 1st February, 1867. History goes…a coin was tossed…Balmer won…Balmer’s name preceded in the Firm incorporated and thus was born Balmer Lawrie.

There was hardly any business where Balmer Lawrie did not delve into in its formative years, whether it was from Tea to Shipping, Insurance to Banking or Trading to Manufacturing. The company has left a mark of its own at every step of its remarkable corporate journey.

Today, Balmer Lawrie is a Mini-Ratna-I Public Sector Enterprise, under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. It has eight Strategic Business Units – Industrial Packaging, Greases & Lubricants, Chemicals, Travel & Vacations, Logistics Infrastructure, Logistics Services, Cold Chain and Refinery & Refinery Oil Field Services, with offices spread across the country and abroad. Balmer Lawrie has grown enormously in the last 157 years and has become the market leader in Steel Barrels, Industrial Greases & Specialty Lubricants, Corporate Travel and Logistics Services. It has very well responded to the demands of an ever changing environment and has taken full advantage of every opportunity to innovate. Balmer Lawrie also grew inorganically through various JVs over the period of time.


The initial business included Trading, Tea and Shipping


The Early Leaders


The Early Leaders


The Journey Begins.....


Face Behind The Name.....

Established as partnership firm on February 1,1867

Clippings from the Statesman, January 28,1878

British Staff (1873) Mr. Alexander Lawrie is second from the left

The First balance sheet of the firm
(August 1, 1867 - December 31, 1867)

Original building of Balmer Lawrie at 103 Clive Street, Kolkata

The Founders, Mr. Stephen George Balmer and Mr. Alexander Lawrie

History Goes... a coin was tossed Balmer won and thus the name Balmer Lawrie