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Balmer Lawrie entered into Leather Chemicals business in 1983 by taking up manufacture of synthetic Fatliquors in Chennai. Since then, Balmer Lawrie has achieved many milestones; foremost amongst which is becoming the market leader in fatliquor segment. Balmer Lawrie has a state of the art Product Development Center at Chennai, which is fully equipped with all modern facilities to develop and evaluate leather chemicals. It has Technical Service Centers spread all over India in cities such as Kolkata, Kanpur, Ranipet, Ambur and Chennai. BL businesses are built on indigenous technology which is steadily upgraded with modern advancements.

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Finishing Chemicals

‘Balfin 666’ is specially designed for upgradation of all kind of leathers. It is suitable for splits, corrected grain and full grain smooth finishes.


Specially designed fatliquor for limited penetration. Imparts very good sheen and lustre when used as top fatliquor for Suede and Nubuck leathers.

Fatliquors & Beam House

Multipurpose fatliquor suitable for Glaze Kid, Cow upper and also other soft leathers like Nappa, Gloving, Bag leather etc. Imparts good body and excellent softness.

Syntans & Fillers

A non-hazardous, industrial chemical. Should be handled with normal care. Any contact with eyes and/or spillage on skin should be washed thoroughly in running water.

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